Customized Phone Case is popular all over the world

Everyone is the Customized Phone Case of the phone designer, as long as you are willing to design for you to build your unique mobile phone shell.
In the increasingly popular smart phones today, to the beloved phone with the phone shell and foil has become a new mobile phone after the purchase of “must-action”, mobile phone beauty is booming into a new industry, has huge market potential, but the general people Buy the phone shell and mobile phone film are finished. Recently, we held in Paris 2016 new conference, showing its research and development of mobile phone beauty equipment and products.

Reporter at the press conference in Paris, we show the phone shell is all Customized Phone Case, according to the phone model, color and personal preferences tailored to both the production of mobile phone shell, you can also make the phone after the shell film. Production of mobile phone shell material is leather, crystal jelly, 3D stereo, wood, touch up very texture, people put it down. Conference also shows the “smart steel film cutting machine”, “light customization mode mobile phone film personalized custom” and other mobile phone beauty equipment.

We believe that the current economic development into the adjustment period, but the majority of consumers on the more high-end, more quality, more personalized, more innovative products, the demand has not weakened, especially in the mobile phone market. Customization is a kind of industrial upgrading, is a good way across the economic adjustment period. We said that consumers spend four or five thousand to buy mobile phones at every turn, the demand for the shell is rigid, can provide the same mobile phone shell business sources, lack of personality and quality. Customization in the field of high-quality mobile phone shell personality, not oversupply, but in short supply. To this end, in 2015 we are not in the low-end areas of price war, turn to develop high-quality mobile phone shell custom products, one year down the fruitful, some products need to book in order to supply.

In the mass business, Peoples innovation to lead a new round of entrepreneurial tide, mobile phone beauty is also suitable for family business projects. We has 7 years experience in the research and development of mobile phone beauty equipment, has achieved the mobile phone shell personalized custom equipment simplification, standardization, process, intelligent, just simple training, most people can get started to produce beautiful phone shell, very suitable for family business.